Wheel Maskers

We use vinyl coated material exclusive to Searle.  Non-hazardous, provides 100% protection, non-flaking. Use multiple times before discarding.  Mainly used in the auto painting industry, but could be used to protect wheels from the weather or any other environmental hazard.  Product colour may vary.

Custom made dual Wheel Maskers are available for large trucks.  They use the same vinyl material but wthout elastic as they are designed to fit over both wheels.

Also available are custom covers for Tanks, Battery Boxes, and other applications.

Elastic Type

Product CodeDescriptionPackaging
S1400Standard 13 - 15 Inches4 Sets / Case
S1401Light Truck 15 - 16 Inches4 Sets / Case
S1402Commercial 16 - 18 Inches3 Sets / Case
S1403Heavy Truck 20 - 24 Inches3 Sets / Case

Wire Type

Product CodeDescriptionPackaging
S1420Standard 13 - 15 Inches3 Sets / Case (Set = 4 Per Poly Bag)
S1400 Standard 13 – 15 Inches

Large Trucks

Custom-made Dual Wheel Maskers for large trucks. Same vinyl material but no elastic; larger and designed to easily fit a dual wheel and held in place by velcro.

Product CodeDescription
S1425Masker Dual Wheel - Per Axle
S1426Masker Single Wheel - Per Axle
S1425 Masker Dual Wheel – Per Axle