Tack Cloth and other industry related products

We offer private label packaging from printed poly bags to printed display boxes.  Other packaging methods include labels on plain display boxes, or bulk packaged supplies in corrugated boxes.

Tack Cloth and Personal Protection

Tackrite Tack Cloth

Tackrite is the professional choice Tack Cloth for pre-paint cleaning of small particles on wood, metal, plastic, drywall or antiquing.  Compatible with Latex, Alkyd, Urethane, Epoxy, Varnish and the new water base paints.  Non-Toxic, Wax and Silicone free.  Tack cloth can be manufactured to custom specifications in order to use desired materials and achieve the stickiness to suit your particular application.


100% Premium Cotton.  Used for painting, staining, oiling, paint straining and antiquing.

Spray Socks

Three-way stretch for a cool comfortable fit.  Protects hair and face, soft and stretchy. One size fits all. 100% cotton.  Length 18 inches.

Paint Strainers

Cone Strainers

Non-contaminating nylon mesh strainers. Made from high quality paperboard stock to prevent paint bleed-through.

Bag Strainers

Fine mesh, nylon-knit with elastic top. Great for enamels, varnish, lacquers, paints.

Accessory Products

Wheel Maskers

We use vinyl coated material exclusive to Searle.  Non-hazardous, provides 100% protection, non-flaking. Use multiple times before discarding.  Mainly used in the auto painting industry, but could be used to protect wheels from the weather or any other environmental hazard.

Mixing Pads

For mixing body fillers, fiberglass, paint, glue, rubber and plastic materials.  The mixing pads come with tear off throw away sheets for clean operation.


Used for fast smooth application of any type of fillers, e.g. body fillers, putty, and epoxies.